Time for a new start!

Now that we know what causes us to overeat, what are we going to do about it? The new week is starting, let's get to work!! To find out where you are getting all those extra calories, I recommend going over the last 3 days and write down what you ate.  Don't forget the afternoon … Continue reading Time for a new start!


It’s HUMP day!!

Ok...we made it to Wednesday!  This week has been long and I still have miles to go! Which brings me to the next subject, eating when you're TIRED.  Does anyone else out there grab cups of coffee or soda and maybe some cookies or a sweet roll to wake up? Seems like it's mornings where … Continue reading It’s HUMP day!!


Hi Everyone! Are you tired of all these "get fit in January" ads?  Well, I am! I have tried diet after diet over the last few decades....yes, decades, that I can't even begin to think about eating another piece of lettuce, egg, or bowl of soup!! In this blog, I would like to try and … Continue reading Welcome!