pexels-photo-256658.jpegI had a very good question from a reader.  What can I do to help my 12 year old lose weight??

First off, remember that body changes are happening in girls, ages 11 through 15.  For boys the changes start between 12 and 13 and actually don’t stop until boys reach age 19.  So, what does that mean?

During these growth spurt times, approximately 20 percent of adult height and 50 percent of body weight are gained.  So naturally, your children are going to be gaining weight.

This is also the time NOT to start body shaming your kids.  I know, I heard it from my own family.  My parents said things like, you’re not fat, you’re pleasing plump, or you’re just big-boned.  Yeah, that helps!!  Of course siblings on the other hand just come right out and call you FAT and to ADD a little extra zing….fat and UGLY!!  I remember crying and locking myself in my room at family get togethers.  To tell you the truth, up until just a few short years ago, I truly believed I should be walking around with a bag over my head to hide my ugliness from the world!!

Body shaming at this age can lead to all sorts of complications like, depression, anorexia, bulimia, and low self-esteem.  It can also cause the child to feel unwanted which leads them back to eating for comfort, which in turn, makes them gain more weight.

What is a parent to do?  For one thing, be supportive!!  Tell your child that this is natural.  Their body is changing and preparing for adulthood.

The main thing to do as a parent is to load up on foods your child needs like protein, calcium based foods, fiber, and foods high in vitamins C and A and for girls make sure they get some extra iron.  Adolescents need 4 glass of milk or equivalent (cheese, yogurt) a day.   4 ounces of lean meats, fish, or 2 eggs with yolks at meals for protein and iron.  Citrus fruits, tomatoes, yellow vegetables and leafy dark greens for the A and C.  Don’t forget to get whole grain and enriched breads and cereals.

Since Tweens and Teens are always on the run you might want to send them with things like, small packs of nuts or sunflower seeds, fresh fruit, individual packaged, unsweetened cereals, mini muffins or bagels, yogurt, popcorn or oatmeal raisin cookies (as long as they only eat a couple and not a whole dozen!).  Make sure to steer away from chips, cookies, candies, and soft drinks.  Also,  be very cautious when it comes to nutrition bars.  Read the labels!!!  A lot of those bars are loaded with sugar and CALORIES.  One nutrition bar can have more calories than a candy bar!

Also, try to get your children away from the video games, cell phones, tablets and TV.  Remember the days of jumping rope?  Try to make exercise family time.  I’m sure if you work at a desk all day you will enjoy the benefits of a family game of soccer, football or basketball or a walk or jog around the block.  A half hour to an hour a day would help burn those calories.  Not to mention, clear their minds, help them sleep, and put them in a better mood!!

Remember, be supportive!!  Don’t sit in the house and tell your child to go out and get exercise while you sit and watch TV eating potato chips!!  Children learn habits from their parents.  Be your child’s super hero!  I guarantee, it will help bring the whole family closer.

Take care  🙂








How ya doin?

It’s been a few days, have you decided what 500 calories a day, you can live without?

To get the ball rolling, let’s talk about exercise.  If you are like me, you are at a point in life where your joints hurt and there is NO WAY you can bend yourself into a pretzel.  Your jumping jack days are over with and FORGET about jogging.

The good news is, you don’t have to do those things!  All you have to do is to start walking.

If it’s been a while since you’ve actually “moved”, start slow.  Walk to your mailbox, the end of your driveway, or to the end of the block.  When you open that door, take a deep breath of fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun.  What better way to get rid of the winter time blues!!

Before you know it, you will be walking down the driveway and around the block!  Walking for 30 minutes a day will help burn up calories, clear your head and boost your mood.  Maybe you can recruit a friend or a furbaby to go with you.  I have NEVER seen a dog turn down the opportunity to go for a walk!

Good luck to you!  If you have any comments, I’d like to hear them!!

Let’s begin to enjoy life again!!





Time for a new start!

Now that we know what causes us to overeat, what are we going to do about it?

The new week is starting, let’s get to work!!

To find out where you are getting all those extra calories, I recommend going over the last 3 days and write down what you ate.  Don’t forget the afternoon candy bar or the midmorning donut!!  Write down EVERYTHING that you can remember.

Did you know to lose 1 pound at week, you need to cut your intake by 500 calories a day? So?  What would be 500 calories?  That big dish of ice cream before bed.  Those 2 candy bars a day.  That sweet roll you had to have with your coffee.  Or upsizing your french fries and soda at a local fast food place.

You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight.  When you do, most of the “fast” weight that drops is water.  Then you start to lose muscle mass.  We have to learn to make simple nutritious changes in our diets.

We all know we need 5-7 servings of fruit and veggies a day.  I know, I’ve said it myself…FIVE to SEVEN servings of fruit and veggies…..UGH!!  But, in this age of bigger is better, there are 2 servings of fruit in one large apple.  10 grapes are considered one serving, as are 6 strawberries.  Doesn’t seem like a whole lot put in that perspective does it?

As for vegetables, 1/2 cup of canned or frozen vegetables is a serving.  One cup of lettuce is a serving.  So, if you want a salad, and you add some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, you can almost get 3-4 servings of fresh vegetables in that one salad.  Just make sure you watch the amount of salad dressing you add.  A salad at a fast food place can equal the calorie count of a medium hamburger!!

Ok friends, do your homework!!  Find out where you can cut back on those unwanted calories!

Let me know how it goes!





It’s HUMP day!!

Ok…we made it to Wednesday!  This week has been long and I still have miles to go!

Which brings me to the next subject, eating when you’re TIRED.  Does anyone else out there grab cups of coffee or soda and maybe some cookies or a sweet roll to wake up?

Seems like it’s mornings where I’m tired, I CRAVE sweets.  Why?  Well, I could tell you because I need a carb high in which I do, but, unfortunately, grabbing a sweet roll or a handful of cookies will make you crash in an hour or so.  When that happens, what do we do?  Do we stop to get something with protein and a small amount of carbs to make us feel full and happy?  Most likely, if you’re like me you head to the lounge at work and find someone brought cupcakes or donuts!!  Once again, goodies filled with unwanted calories and a sugar spike only to come crashing down again.

What should we do on days like this?  Eating a decent breakfast would be a great thing to do!!  Eggs, sausage, a piece of toast with a little jelly, and a piece of fresh fruit would be perfect.  The eggs and sausage would fight those hunger pangs you get mid day and the toast and jelly would give you the energy boost you need.    Also, the egg breakfast would be around 300 calories as to where the sweet roll could be anywhere from 500 calories up depending on size.

I hear you, you don’t have time in the mornings to cook let alone sit down and eat a big breakfast.  There are some good, fast, frozen options out there.  Just make sure to read the labels.  One serving is ONE SERVING.  If you eat 3 sandwich biscuits or whatever, remember to add the calories!!

Once we find the hidden calories and start reading and following labels, we might just start on the road to losing weight!!

I hope you have a good week and keep in touch.  If you have any questions hopefully I’ll be able to answer them.








One of those weeks!

I’m sure you all have had one of those weeks, where you thought it would NEVER end.  Well, this last week was my turn.

It all started out on a good note, but by Wednesday the stress level kept growing and by Friday, I found out a couple of my employees decided they couldn’t work anymore.  GREAT, now I’m short staffed!!

I redid the schedule which put me behind on my other work, then, a blizzard warning came over the news for the weekend.  Once again my phone kept ringing because no one wanted to come into work.  Unfortunately, when you work in the dietary department of a nursing home, we don’t have the luxury of calling in.  All night I worried that I would be the only person that would show up!!  I know I made my employees upset, but, they did come in, thank goodness!!

So?  Where am I going with this?  STRESSFUL eating!!

Ever since I was little, my mother would always tell me to “eat something” when I was stressed out.  I was in my 20’s when the bizarre thought of food ISN’T the answer hit me!!  I’ve been dealing with this struggle all my life, and there are times when I just have to have something to get a grip on the situation.

Sure, I can tell you to reach for a carrot, a handful of nuts, grapes and all that good for you food, and if you can do that GREAT!!!  But, if I can’t control myself, then I don’t expect you to!!  I always reach for my dark chocolate and ice cream.

I try to be good, but when that urge hits, I let myself have a couple pieces of dark chocolate instead of a whole 480 calorie candy bar.   Also, instead of eating a pint of ice cream with chocolate syrup and nuts, I have an ice cream bar with only 180 calories.  My theory is to let yourself have a little indulgence once in a while but in moderation.

I’m hoping with this blog, we can connect and help one another get through stressful times instead of reaching for food.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

Take care







Hi Everyone!

Are you tired of all these “get fit in January” ads?  Well, I am!

I have tried diet after diet over the last few decades….yes, decades, that I can’t even begin to think about eating another piece of lettuce, egg, or bowl of soup!!

In this blog, I would like to try and help you to eat sensibly and exercise sensibly.  After all, when you are around my age, bending over to put your shoes on is an exercise all on its own, let alone trying to do 2 minute sprints during commercial breaks on TV!!

I hope you will join me on my first official blog as we can discuss a solution to diet, exercise and why we eat the way we do.

Here’s to table chatter!!