The good ol’ summer time

Can you believe summer is almost half way over?  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes!! This has been a very busy summer for me.  As anyone in business knows, when you are short-handed, someone has to bear the […]


Depression and obesity is there a link?

  In this day and age, bigger is always better, right?  WRONG!! Watching the food shows on TV where the host eats a 3 pound hamburger and a pound of fries just to get a T-shirt and a picture on the wall […]

A touch of the grape

I must admit, I’m not a connoisseur of fine wines.  In fact, when I buy wine, I’m usually drawn to the cute label at the grocery store.  That being said, my taste for wine hasn’t been very good.  When I started to […]

What is happening to our kids?

Did you know, type 2 diabetes is running rampant in our country?  Not only in adults but it is a real epidemic in children ages 10-18 years old.  Out of that 60% are young girls.  What is going on? One of the […]

Wake up to a good day!

Morning has broken, a new day has started.  It’s time to drag yourself out of bed, make your way to the kitchen and start brewing that magical potion that gets your body moving.  Is there nothing better than the aroma of fresh […]

My heart is all a flutter!

  Spring…..a time when love is in the air!  What’s more perfect than strolling, hand in hand along a deserted beach?  Suddenly, he turns to you, you turn to him and your heart begins to FLUTTER….you can’t catch your breath…….you feel light […]

A spoonful of sugar

If you’re like me, after a stressful day, you can’t wait to take that first sweet, creamy, bite of a candy bar.  Nothing can take its place after a hard day at work!  But now imagine, never being able to taste that […]

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