Watch out! There maybe something lurking in that salad!

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Today I want to talk about hidden calories. As we have all heard America is the home of the free and obese! Kids and adults seem to be gaining weight faster than ever before….why?

Being in the nutrition field, I have always known that calories hide in the most unusual places, but, when my husband came down with type 2 diabetes, I was really blown away! I was so busy taking care of other people, I let our own diet slide. It’s so easy to grab a frozen pizza or go grab a burger and fries on those days when you just don’t feel like cooking.

As for hidden calories, let’s start out with coffee. How many of us love flavored coffee? ME!!! Do you realize that a 16 ounce cup of caffe mocha is almost 300 calories? Do you know, it only takes 3500 extra calories a week to gain a pound? Just drinking 2 cups of mocha coffee a day for 5 days you will gain one pound. That famous breakfast sandwich of sausage, egg and cheese….a whopping 590 calories! The coffee and sandwich are almost half of your daily calories.

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Ok so, now you think, l’ll just get a salad for lunch. Hate to tell you, but, that salad can have just as many calories as a burger and fries. For instance, a salad with bacon and crispy chicken is 480 calories and that’s WITHOUT the dressing. A southwest salad can be as much as 520 calories. Talk about hidden calories! Add a soda and there is 200 extra calories for a 16 ounce drink. Don’t forget to count the extra calories in the refill before you leave. You now have had your 2000 daily calories not to mention fat and sodium.

Also, don’t get side tracked with fish sandwiches. I thought I was doing the right thing by ordering a fish sandwich, after all, it’s fish, it’s low calories right? WRONG!! 570 calories! Add medium fries and soda to that and it’s ends up being another 1200 calories to the day.

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What if someone happens to bring in donuts for the 3 o’clock meeting? Naturally, you go in and grab one. 200 calories! Ah, but today, you think you’ll be smart and eat the protein granola bar. It’s healthy right? Granola bars are not much better than a candy bar. There can be 200 calories in that little bar and it is loaded with sodium.

aweWith this type of eating, you have gained, 2 and a half pounds this week alone! So? What is the answer? Learn how to cook and follow healthy guidelines!!

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I have a funny but sad little story. When I was working as a cook in the local school, we had a little boy in first grade come through the line. We were having chicken as the main dish. When I placed a chicken leg on his tray, he wrinkled up his face and then looked up at me and said, what is this? It’s chicken, I replied. He looked at it again, and said, no it’s not. This has a bone. Chicken doesn’t have bones!! All of us cooks looked at each other as he walked away to the table and just couldn’t believe the little boy never had chicken….just nuggets.

What is even more sad, while working as a nutrition director at the nursing home, I went through so many people that couldn’t cook. People are relying too much on pre-packaged food!

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If you could make 2 strips of bacon, an egg and toast/butter for breakfast, you would be around 300 calories compared to the 590 calorie breakfast sandwich. Take your own coffee. If you have to have it flavored, there is 40 calories in a single serving of French vanilla. You just cut out almost 700 calories! Not to mention you just saved some bucks!!

If you have to have soda, go diet. Salad dressing, once again diet dressing or opt for oil and vinegar. Eat fresh fruit or vegetables instead of donuts, granola bars or candy. If you have to have chocolate, go dark chocolate.

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I’m not saying not to eat fast foods, just don’t make it an everyday thing. Moderation is the key. Cooking isn’t that hard and you might find out it can be enjoyable. Get your family involved. Let’s get living healthy again!

If you need any help in changing you diet, feel free to contact me.