Burning Bridges and Seeking New Frontiers

Hi Everyone!!

Well, it’s almost the end of January! I can’t say that I will be sad to see this month end! January is always a cold and desolate month here on the prairie. At least we have been free of the snow that has blown in the eastern states!

When the winter starts to get me down, I do find relief in raising plants! It must be the farm girl in me. When the landscape is brown and snowy, I long for fresh, green plants and flowers. While sitting at the table, I am surrounded by sunshine and plants. There is no better combination in the world. I am lucky enough to live in Nebraska, where we have a lot of sunshine even in the winter.

Since I have retired, I have spent most of this month burning past bridges and starting to seek out new frontiers. This month, I have closed my eyes and thrown out old memories that have been hidden in my closets for years. I am looking to the future and with that, I have started redecorating my house with paint and wallpaper and soon, I am hoping to get a little more extravagant! A project that I will be working on is my office.

I have done a little reading on Feng Shui, and the main point of that is to keep your house free of clutter. I can’t tell you how many bags of garbage I have taken out to the dumpster! I still have plenty of things to re-arrange and paint to make the house more calm and peaceful, but, I can say I have a good start.

I have also cleaned out my kitchen cupboards. Yes, I had fun collecting cups from games, restaurants, and quick-shops but do I REALLY need those to keep the memories alive or are they just taking up space? Along with pots with broken handles and utensils I didn’t know I had or needed.

Also, this month, I have started on another BIG project and that is painting a barn quilt. For those who aren’t familiar, some of the housewives would paint a piece of wood like a quilt block and then hang it on the barn. Some of the quilts that were hung on the barn had special meanings, others were just decorations.

Since my husband is Swedish, I am going to make a quilt with a Swedish theme. I’ve never taken geometry so getting the angles of the blocks in proportion will be a challenge. When I get the quilt done, I will be sure to share it with you! This is what it’s suppose to look like when I’m finished.

This will be on a 4×4 foot board and hung on the shed. Instead of the horse I’m replacing it with a dala rooster.

My next project on my to do list consists of writing a children’s book. This will be just a short book for 3-5 year olds. I have a subject in mind, it’s just getting is down on paper! Once I get going, I will keep you informed. I do have a children’s book for ages 10+ in publication. If anyone is interested you can order it on Amazon or ask for it in your local book store. The title is LEGEND OF PRAIRIE ISLAND. You can check out the reviews on Amazon, just click the side panel of Amazon.

Sorry, this cover came out very dark. It’s a story about a 14 year old boy back in the 1930’s. I like to say the book takes on the Waltons meet Stephen King kind of a deal. Not that I’m saying I’m any where near the writer as Stephen King!! It just has a few twists and turns.

Well, that’s what has been happening in my life this month. I am still here to answer any nutrition questions you might have. I was going to talk about sanitation in the home and at restaurants, but, as you can see I did get a little sidetracked!! I’ll leave that for another day! I hope you all keep in touch and have a great day!

Take care!