Life is about moments

Well, we made it through the first phase of the holiday season.  I don’t know about you, but, I’m still feeling the effects of the sugar cookies, pies, stuffing and turkey!  Yes, I know, I write about staying on a healthy diet, […]


Planning for success

The holidays are just around the corner, are you prepared?  Planning and remembering all the things you need to do with the regard to food safety is a key point in a successful holiday meal. No matter if you are planning an […]

WARNING! Don’t feed that to your dog!

As you know, I talk about human nutrition, but, today, I’d like you share with you a little information about what is good and bad, even dangerous to feed your fur-babies. If you have 4 legged babies at your house, I’m sure […]

What everybody ought to know about Thanksgiving!

Halloween is over and Christmas decorations are up all over in the stores.  What happened to Thanksgiving? Yes, everyone loves Christmas, a time to celebrate love, peace, sing songs about a new-born king….but let’s face it, it’s mostly about PRESENTS!!  And I’ll […]

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