The season for change

Can you believe August is coming to an end?  I have no idea where the summer went, but, I think, I might have missed it!  I've noticed the days are getting shorter, the nights, cooler, and before you know it, Jack Frost will be knocking at the window pane. So, now that the summer vacations … Continue reading The season for change


Post card from Colorado

Hi Everyone, I don't really have a "blog" today.  My family and I just came home from a wild weekend trip to Colorado.  We hit the ground running trying to cram everything we could into 48 hours! I must confess I LOVE Colorado Springs and all the little towns around the city, but, the main … Continue reading Post card from Colorado

When do you need probiotics?

  I received this question from a follower the other day.  She was wondering if she should get some supplements to take just because it seems the thing "to do". I've heard many pros and cons about probiotic supplements. Probiotics are supplements you take to help put good bacteria back into your system due to … Continue reading When do you need probiotics?