It’s HUMP day!!

Ok…we made it to Wednesday!  This week has been long and I still have miles to go!

Which brings me to the next subject, eating when you’re TIRED.  Does anyone else out there grab cups of coffee or soda and maybe some cookies or a sweet roll to wake up?

Seems like it’s mornings where I’m tired, I CRAVE sweets.  Why?  Well, I could tell you because I need a carb high in which I do, but, unfortunately, grabbing a sweet roll or a handful of cookies will make you crash in an hour or so.  When that happens, what do we do?  Do we stop to get something with protein and a small amount of carbs to make us feel full and happy?  Most likely, if you’re like me you head to the lounge at work and find someone brought cupcakes or donuts!!  Once again, goodies filled with unwanted calories and a sugar spike only to come crashing down again.

What should we do on days like this?  Eating a decent breakfast would be a great thing to do!!  Eggs, sausage, a piece of toast with a little jelly, and a piece of fresh fruit would be perfect.  The eggs and sausage would fight those hunger pangs you get mid day and the toast and jelly would give you the energy boost you need.    Also, the egg breakfast would be around 300 calories as to where the sweet roll could be anywhere from 500 calories up depending on size.

I hear you, you don’t have time in the mornings to cook let alone sit down and eat a big breakfast.  There are some good, fast, frozen options out there.  Just make sure to read the labels.  One serving is ONE SERVING.  If you eat 3 sandwich biscuits or whatever, remember to add the calories!!

Once we find the hidden calories and start reading and following labels, we might just start on the road to losing weight!!

I hope you have a good week and keep in touch.  If you have any questions hopefully I’ll be able to answer them.








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  1. Your right 90% everyone grabs something sweet to tide them over and then there hungry again with in the hour or so. A good breakfast can go for hours.

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