One of those weeks!

I’m sure you all have had one of those weeks, where you thought it would NEVER end.  Well, this last week was my turn.

It all started out on a good note, but by Wednesday the stress level kept growing and by Friday, I found out a couple of my employees decided they couldn’t work anymore.  GREAT, now I’m short staffed!!

I redid the schedule which put me behind on my other work, then, a blizzard warning came over the news for the weekend.  Once again my phone kept ringing because no one wanted to come into work.  Unfortunately, when you work in the dietary department of a nursing home, we don’t have the luxury of calling in.  All night I worried that I would be the only person that would show up!!  I know I made my employees upset, but, they did come in, thank goodness!!

So?  Where am I going with this?  STRESSFUL eating!!

Ever since I was little, my mother would always tell me to “eat something” when I was stressed out.  I was in my 20’s when the bizarre thought of food ISN’T the answer hit me!!  I’ve been dealing with this struggle all my life, and there are times when I just have to have something to get a grip on the situation.

Sure, I can tell you to reach for a carrot, a handful of nuts, grapes and all that good for you food, and if you can do that GREAT!!!  But, if I can’t control myself, then I don’t expect you to!!  I always reach for my dark chocolate and ice cream.

I try to be good, but when that urge hits, I let myself have a couple pieces of dark chocolate instead of a whole 480 calorie candy bar.   Also, instead of eating a pint of ice cream with chocolate syrup and nuts, I have an ice cream bar with only 180 calories.  My theory is to let yourself have a little indulgence once in a while but in moderation.

I’m hoping with this blog, we can connect and help one another get through stressful times instead of reaching for food.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

Take care