How ya doin?

It’s been a few days, have you decided what 500 calories a day, you can live without? To get the ball rolling, let’s talk about exercise.  If you are like me, you are at a point in life where your joints hurt […]


Time for a new start!

Now that we know what causes us to overeat, what are we going to do about it? The new week is starting, let’s get to work!! To find out where you are getting all those extra calories, I recommend going over the […]

One of those weeks!

I’m sure you all have had one of those weeks, where you thought it would NEVER end.  Well, this last week was my turn. It all started out on a good note, but by Wednesday the stress level kept growing and by […]


Hi Everyone! Are you tired of all these “get fit in January” ads?  Well, I am! I have tried diet after diet over the last few decades….yes, decades, that I can’t even begin to think about eating another piece of lettuce, egg, […]

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